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With an established name and reputation, we at duPont REGISTRY are proud to connect millions of qualified buyers with the luxury brands that we represent.

As part of our growing audience, the community of affluent readers includes celebrities, collectors, and influential individuals that share the same passion for the finer things in life.

Our diverse audience stems from an array of industries and lifestyles that rely on duPont REGISTRY when purchasing the world’s most high-end products.
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For over 37 years, duPont REGISTRY has been the premier exotic and luxury automotive marketplace. Having connected millions of buyers and sellers across the globe, duPont REGISTRY has facilitated billions in transactions. With such provenance, duPont REGISTRY is where buyers and sellers of fine automobiles turn to when they want results.

Now, duPont REGISTRY has become part of the Motorsport Network and is undergoing a momentous transition. By utilizing Motorsport Network’s advanced technology capabilities, duPont REGISTRY will further extend its leadership position as the most influential, innovative, and sophisticated ultra luxury and exotic automotive marketplace. The new duPont REGISTRY magazine and website are just the start of what is to come from us.

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After over 37 years in the publishing industry, duPont REGISTRY'S™ monthly magazines continue to be the leading publications for the high-end marketplace. The magazine distribution list includes regular subscribers in all 50 states and 54 foreign countries. Combine this reach with the multi-million monthly pageviews garnered by our online marketplace and our millions of social followers, we reach all corners of the luxury goods and exotic car consumer base.