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duPont REGISTRY No. 459 - August 2023


Immerse yourself in the world of supreme speed and opulence with the new August 2023 issue of duPont REGISTRY! This month, we've curated a spectacular range of breathtaking features that effortlessly bridge the gap between luxury and performance.

Our cover story spotlights the sensational new McLaren 750S. Though McLaren might not be the reigning champion in Formula 1, their road cars consistently land on the podium. The 750S, the worthy successor to the celebrated 720S, stands testament to this fact. This masterpiece commands attention with 30 more horsepower, 66 pounds less weight, wider track, larger air intakes, and a faster steering ratio than its predecessor. It's the brand's latest and reportedly last homage to the pure power of internal combustion engines.

McLaren's commitment to preserving this classic technology amidst an evolving electric-propulsion future ensures the 750S is a road warrior worthy of any Tesla. This is a supercar engineered to win drag races and hearts alike, making it a must-read feature in our issue.


Subscriber Edition

Also in this issue, don't miss our special features on two of the most exciting supercars of the moment: the innovative Ferrari 296 GTB and the unique McLaren Elva. The 296 GTB, the first Ferrari boasting a V6 in nearly half a century, marries classic design with contemporary electrification, delivering a staggering 830 horsepower. Turn to page 30 to savor every detail of this audacious yet nostalgic machine.

At the same time, our encounter with the McLaren Elva is an experience like no other. As one of the newest members of McLaren's Ultimate Series, the Elva is as fascinating as it is rare, and as fast as it is expensive. Flip to page 48 for a captivating narrative of our initial ride in this extraordinary open-top marvel.


Newsstand Edition

For those seeking grandeur on a different scale, we've got you covered with our feature on the LOKI Coach. Parked on page 42, this exquisite motorcoach is the epitome of opulence. Built on the esteemed Prevost chassis, this luxurious titan brims with advancements in power management, renewable energy, and automation. It's an irrefutable proof of 'bigger is better'!

Beyond these tantalizing automotive delights, our August issue surprises with diverse features like an adventure watches review (page 70) that's close to my heart. This month's duPont REGISTRY is not just a magazine; it's a treasure trove for automotive enthusiasts.

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