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Fueled by dupont registry

Fueled By duPont REGISTRY

Explore the visionary campaigns and groundbreaking initiatives of industry leaders by immersing yourself in the world of "Fueled by duPont REGISTRY." Our carefully curated selection showcases the unparalleled creativity and strategic prowess of top brands across various sectors, including automotive, real estate, fashion, and lifestyle. Delve into a realm where innovation meets sophistication, and where cutting-edge marketing strategies redefine the luxury landscapes.

From luxury automotive brands to high-end fashion labels and beyond, we leverage our expertise and network to connect brands with discerning consumers who appreciate the finer things in life. With "Fueled by duPont REGISTRY," brands can trust us to fuel their growth and amplify their presence in the competitive luxury market.

Explore our 2023 - 2024 Partnerships

Porsche North America

Porsche North America 

Discover how Porsche Cars North America collaborates with duPont REGISTRY to dominate the luxury automotive realm through multi-platform campaigns and captivating visuals.

INEOS Automotive

INEOS Automotive 

Discover the dynamic partnership between INEOS Automotive and duPont REGISTRY, a collaboration that sets new standards in the luxury automotive sector through innovative multi-platform campaigns and stunning visual storytelling.



Explore the groundbreaking partnership between Mercedes-Maybach and duPont REGISTRY, a blend of automotive excellence with luxury lifestyle branding. This alliance offers exclusive access to Mercedes-Maybach,  setting new standards for luxury in the automotive world.


Why duPont REGISTRY?

01.Industry Expertise 

Benefit from the expertise of duPont REGISTRY's experienced team, who can provide guidance and support to help achieve your advertising goals in the luxury automotive sector.

02.Unrivaled Exposure 

Reach an affluent and discerning audience of luxury enthusiasts through out prestigious print and digital platforms, ensuring maximum visibility. 

03.Targeted Marketing

Benefit from targeted advertising campaigns that specifically cater to your desired audience, increasing the likelihood of reaching qualified buyers interested in luxury products and services.

04.Brand Association 

Align your brand with duPont REGISTRY's distinguished reputation as a leader in the luxury market, enhancing your brand's prestige and credibility among affluent consumers. 

05.Bespoke Advertising Campaigns 

Create bespoke advertising campaigns tailored to your unique brand identity and marketing objectives, ensuring maximum impact and ROI.

06.Exclusive Networks

Gain access to duPont REGISTRY's exclusive networks and partnerships, providing opportunities to connect with high-net-worth individuals, influencers, and industry insiders. 

Current and Former Brand Advertisers on and in the duPont REGISTRY Print Magazine 

duPont REGISTRY Brand Advertisers

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