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The Premiere Luxury  Marketplace + Media Source Since 1985

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Since 1985

Founded over three decades ago, duPont REGISTRY was created with the sole intent of connecting buyers and sellers of fine automobiles. This all started with our magazine that featured classifieds and advertisements. We ensured that this magazine was of high quality and geared toward an affluent audience. After the successful launch, buyers and sellers of exotic and luxury automobiles knew that the duPont REGISTRY magazine was the go-to marketplace. Decades later, our magazine still holds firm as the ultimate marketplace for the luxury automotive market. Throughout the years that have passed, our magazine has evolved and our marketplace has expanded to include our expansive website that makes buying and selling easier than ever.

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Joining Motorsport Network

In December 2021 duPont REGISTRY became part of the Motorsport Network. By utilizing Motorsport Network's advanced technology capabilities and our proprietary data, duPont REGISTRY will further extend its leadership position as the most influential, innovative, and sophisticated ultra-luxury and exotic automotive marketplace.

This evolution of duPont REGISTRY is already underway and on display for the world to see. As new products are released, the duPont REGISTRY brand grows to reach more buyers and sellers of the world's finest automobiles. What's more, this transformation is presenting these customers with new and exciting ways to participate in the luxury automotive marketplace with ease.

Customers know that duPont REGISTRY delivers desired results, and that fact is now truer than ever thanks to the Motorsport Network EcoSystem.

With decades of experience and a proven track record, duPont REGISTRY sits at the pinnacle of the luxury automotive market. And now, the bar is being raised higher than ever before.