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duPont REGISTRY Annual Luxury Watch Guide


Time is of the essence, and with the imminent release of the duPont REGISTRY Annual Luxury Watch Issue, the opportunity for your brand to resonate with our discerning automotive audience is now. Secure your place in our exclusive publication before the clock ticks away, captivating the perfect attention for your brand amongst the pinnacle of automotive and luxury lifestyle enthusiasts.

The Annual duPont REGISTRY Luxury Watch Issue offers more than just a platform for advertisement; it presents an unmatched opportunity for luxury watch brands to connect with a uniquely qualified audience. Our readers, often affluent watch and exotic automobile connoisseurs, represent the perfect demographic for creating lifelong relationships with industry-leading watchmakers. As a result, your brand not only reaches potential customers but also strikes meaningful connections with discerning collectors and enthusiasts.

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At duPont REGISTRY, we appreciate the synergistic relationship between the allure of luxury watches and the fascination with exotic automobiles. It is this understanding that drives the content of our Luxury Lifestyle division, highlighting the premier products, events, and experiences synonymous with the finer things in life.

The exposure your brand receives extends far beyond our print magazine. With the inclusion in the LIVE section of our monthly print magazine, your brand will also feature prominently across our digital landscape. This includes exposure on the duPont REGISTRY blog, on our various social media platforms, and within our weekly newsletter insertions. Join an exclusive cadre of the world's most recognizable watch manufacturers and discover how your brand can elevate its presence with the duPont REGISTRY Luxury Watch Issue.

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To cater to various marketing strategies and budgets, we offer three comprehensive advertisement packages for the 2023 Annual Watch Guide:

  1. Standard Package: Includes a full-page ad, targeted banner ad, and a branded content package, featuring a blog story and social media promotion.

  2. Elite Package: Encompasses a full-page ad with an adjacent full-page advertorial, a targeted banner ad, and a branded content package that features a blog story and social media promotion.

  3. Premium Package: Features a full-page ad, targeted banner ad, a branded content package with a blog story and social media promotion, and the inclusion of your watches on duPont REGISTRY Discovery.

Your brand's narrative deserves to be told in a manner that matches its caliber, and the duPont REGISTRY Annual Luxury Watch Issue offers the ideal platform to do just that. With each tick of the clock, the opportunity to be part of this exclusive issue gets closer to its conclusion. Don't miss out - secure your spot today and let your brand shine among the world's finest.

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