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Introducing duPont REGISTRY Discovery: The Ultimate Luxury Marketplace


duPont REGISTRY, a recognized leader in the luxury market, is excited to present its latest innovation for our esteemed and affluent clientele: duPont REGISTRY Discovery. This novel platform extends our established luxury marketplace beyond traditional dealerships, offering an exclusive space for the listing and procurement of opulent items from around the globe.

The ethos of duPont REGISTRY Discovery is built around granting our discerning clientele access to the most sought-after and desirable luxury goods and services worldwide. Our commitment to curating collections from top-tier luxury brands and designers, focusing on impeccable quality, unparalleled exclusivity, and superior craftsmanship, underscores our philosophy of providing only the best to our esteemed customers.

From yachts to custom automobiles, high-end watches, and beyond, duPont REGISTRY Discovery is your global stage for showcasing the finest. Each listing features precise specifications, individually tailored to its category, enabling prospective buyers to effortlessly identify and secure their next luxury purchase.


Becoming part of duPont REGISTRY Discovery not only grants your business access to our online marketplace, but it also provides exclusive promotion opportunities. We take pride in promoting our Discovery partners and their premium products across a range of channels. These include our own duPont REGISTRY properties, widely followed social media platforms, content and email marketing initiatives, as well as through select partnerships within the Motorsport Network.

The power of duPont REGISTRY Discovery lies not only in its commitment to quality and exclusivity but also in the trust and reliability we have established with our audience. Our platform boasts an impressive reach, with 880k unique monthly visitors, a total social media reach of 7.5 million, and an engaged community of 88k email subscribers. This broad yet exclusive audience comprises affluent in-market shoppers who trust our platforms and pages to explore, search, shop, and purchase luxury goods.

In essence, joining duPont REGISTRY Discovery connects luxury businesses with an active, affluent audience seeking the finest products and services the luxury world has to offer. As we continue to innovate and expand our reach, we invite luxury businesses worldwide to join us and seize the opportunity to elevate their presence within the luxury market. Becoming part of the duPont REGISTRY Discovery signifies not only a partnership with an esteemed luxury platform, but also a commitment to uphold the standards of quality, exclusivity, and craftsmanship our discerning audience demands and deserves.