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duPont REGISTRY's 2023 Recap

2023 Recap Graphic-

duPont REGISTRY Group

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The duPont REGISTRY Group was established to invest in and create culture, community and commerce at the intersection of technology, media and automotive.

The duPont REGISTRY Group houses some of the biggest names in the luxury automotive space and represents a vibrant community of hundreds of thousands of members nurtured over nearly two decades. Brands include: duPont REGISTRY,  duPont REGISTRY Insurance, duPont REGISTRY Invest, Sotheby’s Motorsport, Canossa Events, Cavallino, FerrariChat

Newest Members of duPont REGISTRY Group

In light of the exciting recent launch of duPont REGISTRY Group, let's take a moment to celebrate and welcome the newest members that have joined throughout 2023.

Dmitry (DK) Kozko: GM of duPont REGISTRY Publishing

A seasoned entrepreneur with a rich history of steering private and public companies. With over two dozen patents to his name, DK has an innovative tech perspective on how to scale and grow companies. His multiple executives roles and successes helped him secure over $100 million dollars in funding and directing 2 IPOs. He now brings his vast expertise to the duPont REGISTRY Publishing team focusing on its growth and evolution.

Christian Clerc: duPont REGISTRY Group Chairman 

Former Worldwide President of Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, Christian Clerc, who joins the company following a more than 20-year career with the iconic luxury hotel brand. Clerc brings decades of experience working with high-net-worth clientele, developing, cultivating and delivering extraordinary experiences around the world.

Antoine Tessier: CEO of duPont REGISTRY Group 

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Prior to joining duPont REGISTRY Group, Antoine spent 12 years with LVMH Group, most recently as the Chief Technology Officer of LVMH Americas. In his time at LVMH Group, he spearheaded strategic initiatives, fostered a dynamic and inclusive culture, and consistently delivered exceptional results. 

Mike Guy: Director of Editorial and Events.

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With an unwavering passion for cars and an impressive career as an editor and journalist, Mike is the perfect fit to open the next chapter of duPont REGISTRY Group's story. He has a remarkable track record of successfully relaunching brands and joins us from Road & Track, where he played a pivotal role in repositioning the brand as a luxury offering, refining the auction platform, and introducing a series of high-end road rallies.

Sandeep Chugani and Javier Villamizar: Board of Directors

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Operating Partner at SoftBank Investment Advisors, Javier Villamizar, and Senior Partner and Managing Director at Boston Consulting Group, Sandeep Chugani, Bring Decades of Strategic Growth and Elevation.

Our 2023 Product Launches

duPont REGISTRY Discovery 

In 2023 we launched duPont REGISTRY Discovery, the newest addition to the duPont REGISTRY luxury marketplace. With duPont REGISTRY Discovery, we are revolutionizing the way you discover and indulge in the finest luxury goods and experiences. From exquisite supercars and opulent yachts to exclusive travel destinations and high-end fashion, duPont REGISTRY Discovery is your ultimate gateway to the world of luxury. 

Cars and Coffee Relaunch

We also relaunched our Cars and Coffee Partner Program, offering a game-changing partnership opportunity that will elevate your exotic car event to new heights. By joining forces with us, the event will unlock a wide array of exclusive benefits, designed to generate revenue, boost visibility, and enhance the event experience.

New News Platform 

In addition to the introduction of a brand new luxury marketplace and seamless integration of Cars and Coffee, we have completely revamped our news platform, providing you with a flawlessly smooth source of luxury news.

Interested in being part of duPont REGISTRY in 2024?