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Cars and Coffee

Introducing the duPont REGISTRY Cars and Coffee Partner Program. We are thrilled to offer you a game-changing partnership opportunity that will elevate your exotic car event to new heights. By joining forces with us, you will unlock a wide array of exclusive benefits, designed to generate revenue, boost visibility, and enhance your event experience.

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Cars and Coffee
Partnership Levels

Base Partnership

  •  Access to duPont REGISTRY (dR) magazines for distribution among event attendees, providing them with high-quality automotive content and updates on industry trends.
  • Marketing support targeted at local dealers in proximity to your event, encouraging them to participate and display exotic cars.
  • Tagging @dupontregistry_carsandcoffee allows partners to feature their Cars and Coffee event content on our influential  social media, receiving a story post and main feed post
  • Enhanced visibility through a dedicated directory of "local  exotic car events" in the esteemed dR magazine, published prior to the event

Premium Partnership

Incorporating all the benefits of the Base Package, the Premium upgrade offers even greater value with the following enhancements:

  •  The ability to create, manage, and sell co-branded merchandise, subject to approval by our team, highlighting both your and dR's branding.
  • Added visibility through a more detailed posting in the dedicated directory of "local exotic car events" in the acclaimed dR magazine. 
  • A segment in the dR magazine, recapping your event.
  • Along with a main feed post on the  @dupontregistry_carsandcoffee page, premium partners receive the added benefit of a story post on our main social media page, @dupontregistry (1M+ followers).
  • Dedicated blog posts both promoting and recapping the event.
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Cars and Coffee

Advantages of Being a Valued Partner

  • Positions and Promotions
  • Unparalleled Visibility for Both Partners and your Sponsors
  • Captivating Event Highlights
  • Enhanced Exposure through our Social Media
  • Distinctive Branding Elements
  • Expanded Distribution Channels
  • Co-Branded Merchandise Opportunities
  • Marketing Support for Local Dealers
  • Revenue generation opportunities
Cars and Coffee
Cars and Coffee Directory
Maximize your visibility and reach a wider audience by taking advantage of our exclusive listing opportunity in the highly regarded dR magazine. With our specialized listing of "exclusive local car gatherings," you can showcase your event to car enthusiasts across the region. By being featured in this prestigious publication, released prior to the event, you can guarantee that your gathering will attract the attention it deserves. Don't miss out on this chance to elevate your event and make it truly spectacular.
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duPont REGISTRY has been the leader in luxury since 1985.

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Cars and Coffee

Monetization Opportunity

Monetize your Cars and Coffee event by selling an enticing opportunity for exotic car owners to display their cars for sale. This elite duPont REGISTRY experience adds a touch of exclusivity and captivates the interest of both participants and attendees, making it a major attraction at your event.

Cars and Coffee

Social Media

By tagging our socials, our esteemed partners gain an exclusive opportunity to showcase their remarkable event content on our highly influential social media platforms. This invaluable exposure not only amplifies their brand visibility but also connects them with a vast community of passionate car enthusiasts. Join us and take advantage of this incredible chance to captivate our audience with your exceptional automotive offerings.

Elevate your automotive experience by joining duPont REGISTRY, the unrivaled leader in the luxury car market. Immerse yourself in a redesigned Cars and Coffee event like no other.