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duPont REGISTRY's Private Sellers

Private Seller Capabilities

Interested in privately selling your car? Reach qualified, affluent, and in-market buyers by listing your car for sale on or get an instant cash offer form dR today.

Private Seller Online Listing

Showcase your listing:

  • Uploaded to
  • Listed For 90 Days
  • Upload images and description of vehicle
  • Contact through phone and email


Private Seller + Vehicle Spotlight

Upgrade your listing:

  • Published 1 full article on our media website
  • Tell the story of your vehicle for sale
  • Promoted on our social media presence
  • Included in our Daily Newsletter


Elevate Your Sale

Trade or sell your car for cash online to duPont REGISTRY

  • Provide Your Vehicle Information
  • Receive an Online Cash Offer from duPont REGISTRY
  • We'll Arrange For Vehicle Pickup
  • Accept the Offer and Get Paid
Luxury Ferrari

Why choose duPont REGISTRY to sell your supercar?

Exclusive Access

We attract an affluent audience of luxury and exotic car enthusiasts. Advertising your vehicle on this platform ensures that it reaches potential buyers who appreciate and seek high-end automobiles.

Luxury Marketplace

The platform is dedicated to luxury and high-performance vehicles, providing a targeted and specialized marketplace. This focus increases the visibility of your listing among individuals specifically interested in premium and exclusive vehicles.

Expertise in Luxury

duPont specializes in luxury and exotic vehicles, attracting buyers who are knowledgeable and passionate about high-performance cars

Ready to sell your supercar with duPont REGISTRY?