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Your Multi - Platform Dealer Solution

duPont REGISTRY’s Preferred Program was carefully designed to provide our esteemed Dealers unparalleled access to premium advertising solutions and entry to duPont REGISTRY's exclusive dealer products.

duPont REGISTRY Preferred


Digital Advertising

Boost your inventory and dealership's profile with our targeted ads, including luxury marketplace exposure, banners, newsletters, and dealer highlights, all amplified by our exclusive duPont REGISTRY social media reach to attract affluent buyers.

Luxury Marketplace

Showcase your dealer inventory on our luxury marketplace among our affluent audience that reaches over an average of 4M + page views a month.

Dealer Solutions

Explore our cutting-edge Dealer Solutions tailored for sophisticated inventory management, crafted to boost your business efficiency and enhance lead generations. Select from our exclusive Ultra-Premium, Premium, and Elite solution tiers.

Targeted Banner Ads

Amplify your dealer network with our stunning targeted digital banners and showcase your business like never before with our advanced platforms. Increase online visibility, drive more traffic, and boost brand recognition. 

Native Content: Dealer Spotlights

Elevate your dealership's visibility and captivate potential buyers with our Dealer Spotlight Native Content articles. This innovative approach utilizes expertly crafted articles designed to shine a spotlight on your unique inventory. By featuring your dealership in a captivating, editorial style, we not only highlight the exceptional quality and variety of your offerings but also weave in the story of your brand, creating a compelling narrative that resonates with car buyers. 


Add your inventory to the daily highlights of the most sought-after exotic and luxury cars with duPont REGISTRY's Popular Cars email.

Targeted Social Media Campaigns

Feature your inventory on our social media platforms, which boast a following exceeding 7 million + enthusiasts worldwide. This is your chance to spotlight your vehicles, showcasing their unique features, innovative design, and unparalleled performance to a vast audience of car aficionados. Whether it’s a vintage classic, a cutting-edge electric model, or a custom-built masterpiece, our platforms provide the perfect stage to highlight your vehicle's story, craftsmanship, and the passion behind the wheel. 

Print Advertising

Explore our print advertising options, from single-page ads and double-page spreads to dealer-specific classifieds, all in our prestigious magazine that reaches a luxury-loving audience.

Editorial Piece

Position your dealership as a leader in the luxury automotive industry with our dealer editorial features. Benefit from exclusive coverage and captivating stories that highlight your inventory, expertise, and commitment to excellence, reaching our affluent audience and driving interest in your dealership.

Two-Page Spread

Make a powerful statement and maximize exposure for your dealership with a dynamic two-page spread. Showcase your inventory in a visually stunning layout that captures attention and conveys the prestige and exclusivity of your offerings, attracting discerning buyers and setting your dealership apart from the competition.

Full Page Ads

Elevate your dealership's brand presence and showcase your inventory with impactful full-page ads. With ample space to highlight your vehicles' key features and benefits, you can effectively engage potential buyers and reinforce your dealership's reputation for luxury and quality.

Classified Listings

Showcase your inventory with detailed descriptions and high-quality images with our basic and premium classified listings. Benefit from a comprehensive and organized platform that allows potential buyers to browse your vehicles with ease, generating qualified leads and driving sales for your dealership.

Dealer Listing Pages

Enhance your dealership's visibility and attract qualified leads with dedicated listing pages. With targeted marketing opportunities and increased exposure to our audience of luxury enthusiasts, you can effectively promote your dealership and generate interest in your vehicles.

Dealer Directory

Gain credibility and recognition within the luxury automotive market by joining our prestigious dealer directory. Be prominently featured among industry leaders and trusted dealerships, attracting discerning buyers seeking premium vehicles and exceptional service from reputable dealers like yours.


Explore the four tiers of duPont REGISTRY Preferred, Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze, each designed to align with your dealership's unique requirements and aspirations. To discover the perfect fit for your business, complete the form that follows or click for further insights.

With duPont REGISTRY Preferred, Gain Exclusive Access to duPont REGISTRY's Dealer Products

duPont REGISTRY Finance

duPont REGISTRY Finance 

duPont REGISTRY Finance is a partnership between duPont REGISTRY and Westlake Financial offering shoppers the convenience to pre-qualify for financing on duPont REGISTRY’s marketplace, creating a one-stop shop for buyers to access large loan amount financing.

duPont REGISTRY Luxury Car Insurance

duPont REGISTRY Insurance 

duPont REGISTRY Insurance offers options designed specifically to cover luxury and exotic cars. Select from multiple plan options by top insurance companies, including Hagerty, the highest-rated coverage provider for exotic cars.

duPont REGISTRY Exotic Supercars

Private Client

Gain exclusive access to duPont REGISTRY's Private Client Inventory through our B2B Wholesale Auction Platform where you'll find an elite selection of rare and collectible luxury cars curated specifically for our Preferred members.

duPont REGISTRY Shipping

duPont REGISTRY Transport

 duPont REGISTRY Preferred members enjoy preferred access to top-tier transportation services for their automotive needs. 

duPont REGISTRY: Elevating Your Dealership

duPont REGISTRY brings the audience directly to your dealership, highlighting the true value of your inventory.

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