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The Luxury Lifestyle Authority

 Our online and digital pages feature the most exclusive and sought-after brands, making us the perfect platform for high-end lifestyle brands and fashion advertising.  As one of the best luxury lifestyle websites, we provide a range of solutions for fashion ad campaigns and luxury lifestyle advertising that are guaranteed to elevate your brand and connect you with discerning customers. 
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Luxury Brand Advertising

Luxury Brands

Elevate your luxury brand's exposure and connect with high-end consumers. Advertise with duPont REGISTRY to showcase your products and reach a discerning audience seeking exclusive and upscale offerings.

Watches + Jewelry 

Looking to showcase your luxury timepieces and jewelry to an affluent audience? Advertise with duPont REGISTRY and elevate your brand's exposure to discerning clients seeking exclusive and upscale offerings. Contact us today to learn more.

Watch and Jewelry Advertising

duPont REGISTRY has been the leader in luxury since 1985.

Fashion Advertising


Put your fashion brand in front of duPont REGISTRY's affluent and style-forward audience by advertising with us today. Showcase your brand's offerings on the pages of our high-end magazine or on our multiple digital platforms.

Smoke + Spirits

Connect with an affluent audience and elevate your premium cigar or spirit brand's exposure. Advertise with duPont REGISTRY to showcase your exclusive offerings to the right clients.

Smoke and Spirits Advertising
How can I advertise my luxury brand with duPont REGISTRY?

Advertising with duPont REGISTRY starts with contacting us through our online forms found on this website. From there, one of our representatives will reach back out to you and discuss how advertising with duPont REGISTRY can benefit your brand or company.

What is the demographic of duPont REGISTRY's audience?

We reach a monthly luxury lifestyle community of over 63 million. The average household income of our readers is $623,000 and the average net worth is over $3.9 million. Our print magazine can also be found in 350 private jet centers in North America, professional sports locker rooms, first-class airline seats, global 5-star hotels, and more. 

Why should I advertise my luxury brand with duPont REGISTRY?

duPont REGISTRY makes it easy and simple to get in front of the world's most affluent audience. Our readership and audience include discerning millionaires, billionaires, collectors, enthusiasts, CEOs, and more, all of whom are interested in the latest luxury lifestyle offerings. For decades, our readership has relied on us to present them with the latest luxury lifestyle offerings.  Advertising with duPont REGISTRY is the easiest way to immediately get the right eyes on what your brand has to offer and see results.