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Luxury Timepieces Advertising Solutions

Luxury Watch Advertising Solutions

Digital & Print Advertising Solutions

Annual Watch Guide

Don't miss the opportunity to showcase your exquisite timepieces released in November. And that's not all - make the most of our watch guide packages that offer a range of digital advertising options, including native content, banner ads, and our exclusive luxury marketplace, Discovery.

Native Content 

Our revamped media platform is the perfect stage for your luxury watches to shine. With our digital-native content showcase, you can showcase your timepieces in stunning detail and elevate their status to new heights.

Digital Banners

Elevate your luxury watches with our attention-grabbing Digital Banners strategically placed across our platforms. We also offer rich media options for select banner positions, showcasing your products interactively.

Social Media 

Harness the power of our expansive social media following, exceeding 7 million, by displaying your exquisite luxury timepieces on our various social platforms.

Discovery Marketplace

With our brand new luxury marketplace platform discovery, you have the opportunity to present your exquisite timepieces to both buyers and sellers. Our platform is designed to provide you with a seamless experience, enabling you to showcase your watches to a global audience.

Premium Publishing

Step into the captivating realm of duPont REGISTRY's reimagined magazine to showcase your luxury time pieces. where the art of luxury advertising takes center stage. Take advantage of our full page ads, editorial pieces, 1-page spreads, and more with our print advertising options.

Are you ready to showcase your luxury timepieces with duPont REGISTRY?

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