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Enhance Your Dealer Solutions 

Exploring duPont REGISTRY's suite of enhanced dealer solutions: Insurance, Finance, Transportation, and our exclusive Private Client - a wholesale B2B auction program designed for you. Dive deeper into the details of each offering below.

duPont REGISTRY Finance

duPont REGISTRY Finance 

duPont REGISTRY Finance is a partnership between
duPont REGISTRY and Westlake Financial offering shoppers the convenience to pre-qualify for financing on duPont REGISTRY’s marketplace, creating a one-stop-shop for buyers to access large loan amount financing.

duPont REGISTRY Insurance

duPont REGISTRY Insurance offers options designed specifically to cover luxury and exotic cars. Select from multiple plan options by top insurance companies, including Hagerty, the highest-rated coverage provider for exotic cars.

duPont REGISTRY Exclusive Dealer Products
duPont REGISTRY Exclusive Dealer Products

duPont REGISTRY Private Client

Gain exclusive access to duPont REGISTRY's Private Client Inventory through our B2B Wholesale Auction Platform where you'll find an elite selection of rare and collectible luxury cars curated specifically for our Preferred members.

duPont REGISTRY Transport

duPont REGISTRY Preferred members enjoy preferred access to top-tier transportation services for their automotive needs. 

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Explore the four tiers of duPont REGISTRY Preferred, Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze, each designed to align with your dealership's unique requirements and aspirations. To discover the perfect fit for your business, complete the form that follows or click for further insights.

duPont REGISTRY: Elevating Your Dealership

duPont REGISTRY brings the audience directly to your dealership, highlighting the true value of your inventory.

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