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duPont REGISTRY's July Issue No. 470: Highlighting The 2024 1000HP Twin-Turbocharged YENKO/SC® C8 Corvette.

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July 2024 Issue Highlights:

July is a time to celebrate American independence, and while we won't dive into a history lesson about the Declaration of Independence, we at duPont REGISTRY have something thrilling to introduce: the 2024 1000HP Twin-Turbocharged YENKO/SC® C8 Corvette. Inspired by the legendary ZL-1 aluminum big-block engine from Chevrolet’s Central Office Production Center (COPO), this Corvette features a pair of 58mm ceramic ball-bearing water-cooled turbochargers, giving it a powerful edge. Discover more in our cover story on page 12.

In the BUY section, we highlight four recently revealed models that should be on your radar this year. In the DRIVE section, we take the McLaren GT for a thrilling spin through Southern California’s scenic routes. We also explore the phasing out of muscle cars by OEMs and the rise of tuning houses dedicated to preserving the American muscle car legacy.

Our lifestyle section, LIVE, features four refreshing cocktails perfect for hot summer days and an editorial on five collectible watches for discerning collectors. Lastly, our famous SELL section showcases the latest, greatest, and most iconic automobiles for sale. Don’t miss the classifieds, where your next dream car awaits.

We extend a happy birthday to the U.S.A. and wish everyone a safe and unforgettable July.


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