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Luxury Yachts & Boats Advertising 

At duPont REGISTRY, we strive to unite high-end marine brands with the refined connoisseurs who truly appreciate their exceptional quality and craftsmanship.  With duPont REGISTRY, you'll experience a world of luxury advertising solutions that's second to none.

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Premium Publishing

Indulge in the ultimate luxury marine experience with our premium publishing guide, showcasing exquisite yachts from renowned brands. Elevate your brand with our innovative advertising solutions and capture the attention of marine enthusiasts and connoisseurs with a personalized campaign created by our expert team.


Digital- Native Content 

Transform your yachts into stars with our revamped media platform. Our experts create captivating content that leaves a lasting impression on your audience, elevating the status of your luxury vessels. Showcase your yachts in all their glory with our ideal solution.


duPont REGISTRY has been the leader in luxury since 1985.

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Digital- Rich Media 

Elevate your yacht game with our captivating Digital Banners strategically placed across our platforms. Take advantage of our rich media options and showcase your products in an interactive manner. Boost brand recognition and drive conversions with our Digital Banners. With optimized positions for desktop and mobile views, your message is guaranteed to reach your target audience. Choose our Digital Banners and elevate your digital advertising.

Digital Display Media Kit

Introducing Discovery, our luxury marketplace platform for showcasing exquisite yachts to a global audience. Our seamless platform caters to your every need, ensuring your yachts receive the attention they deserve. We understand luxury and the importance of connecting with the right audience, which is why we provide the ultimate experience.

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With decades of experience and a proven track record, duPont REGISTRY sits at the pinnacle of the luxury automotive market. And now, the bar is being raised higher than ever before.

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