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The Magazine: Delivering Luxury Results



Our exclusive print pages showcase the most sought-after and exquisite luxury goods, whether you're in the market to buy or sell. Come and indulge in the opulence of duPont REGISTRY's redefined magazine

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New Design

Experience the ultimate luxury lifestyle with the sleek and modern design of the NEW duPont REGISTRY magazine. Each issue features two stunning covers: one for newsstands and an exclusive design for our valued subscribers. 

New Format

The latest duPont REGISTRY magazine edition features a new layout that caters to car enthusiasts with sections on Buy, Drive, Live, and Sell. Whether you're shopping for a new vehicle, exploring driving trends, or indulging in the luxury lifestyle, this magazine offers original editorial content filled with insights and analysis.

Premium Materials

The NEW duPont REGISTRY magazine now features higher quality materials for a more luxurious and immersive reading experience. These premium materials enhance the durability and longevity of the magazine, providing a more substantial and satisfying read than ever before.

Targeted Lists

  • Millionaires / Billionaires
  • Luxury Yacht Owners
  • Waterfront Property Owners
  • RS Wealth Management Groups

Exclusivity Through Strategic Distribution

350 + FBO's
Fortune 500 CEO’S
5-Star Hotels
Newsstands / Bookstores in Affluent Areas
National Sports Teams Locker Rooms
Top 300 Luxury and Exotic Dealerships IN U.S.

duPont REGISTRY's 2024 Editorial Calendar: 

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01. January 

Aviation Guide 

Watch Focus:

Pilot Watches & Watches in Space

02. February 

Leaders In Luxury 

Watch Focus:

From Garage to Wrist

03. March

Spring Style

Watch Focus:


04. April 

Superlatives & Best of Luxury

Watch Focus:


05. May 

Travel & Experiences

Watch Focus:

GMT & World Timers 

06. June 

Outdoor Recreation
Watch Focus:

Sports Watches & Water Sports

07. July 

Investments & Collectibles

Watch Focus:

Best Watches From The Geneva Show

08. August 


Watch Focus:

From Garage to Wrist

09. September 



Epicurean Indulgences & Pebble Beach

10. October 



Men's Fall Fashion

11. November 

Watch Guide


Annual Luxury Watch Guide 

12. December 

Gift Guide


Annual Holiday Gift Guide

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